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Anantnag means in real sense “land of countless spring”.

Basically, the real name of kokernag is Bindoo Zalangam, as recorded in revenue records. It is situated at a distance of about 17 kms from District headquarter anatnag & 74 kms from Srinagar. Kokernag is a collection of many small springs & their collective appearance resembles to the claws of a koker (cock). Kokernag is the largest fresh water spring of Kashmir valley & its water has many curative & digestive properties. The word kokernag has been derived from the two words namely koker & nag. The word koker has been taken from a Kashmir word “Morgee” meaning chicken, while the word nag has been taken from Sanskrit word “nag” meaning snake. Regarding the name of kokernag, there are different versions. According to a famous legend it was a saint “GUSHWAMI” who came from unknown place to this place along with his bucket. During his rest, some women folk came from the nearby densely forested areas in search of water, they failed in their search. Ultimately, they saw the saint in a deep sleep with his bucket in front of him. The women folk went towards him in order to kill thirst with his water, but when they opened the lid of the bucket, they found a snake in it. Snake came out & crept on ground. As soon as it crept, its shape changed into a chicken called “koker” in Kashmir. It dug the soil of the land by paws and water gushed out from these places. This is the reason due to which we call the place KOKERNAG today.